Aaron Brownell is an internationally award-winning fictional author and parttime travel blogger.

The Newest Novel


Stepping from the borrowed CIA jet onto the runway of the German airbase, Doctor Kristin Hughes had just been thrown into a crime scene. Bosnian war criminal Zoran Savić and his terrorist cell had stolen a suitcase-sized Cold War era nuclear bomb from a stockpile of weapons at the airbase. It was a bomb that didn’t exist on most government lists.
With the terrorist leader in custody and the remainder of his cell on the run, it’s left to Kristin Hughes, lead bomb technician for the Nuclear Emergency Search Team, to find the nuke before anyone decides to use it. Accompanied by her CIA bodyguard/assassin and a shadowy German commando, a Europe-wide quest begins to find the missing bomb.
That mission gets thrown into chaos when Hughes gets abducted during a gun battle with terrorist cell members in the heart of The Hague. To what lengths will the group Hughes works for go for the safe return of the beautiful and talented scientist with a history of finding herself in troubling spots? And what about the missing nuclear weapon? In a high-stakes manhunt on an international playing field, it’s certain that many players are going to die before the game is over.

A Sample of the Travel Blog

  • Bratislava. Good God, i’m in Eastern Europe!

    Alright, it’s time to start with a straightforward confession. I went to Bratislava for the Eurotrip jokes. I’ve seen that movie about 50 times (a conservatively low number) and have always loved the Bratislava part. I also confess that I knew the city didn’t look like it was portrayed in the movie. No cities really […]

  • More Observations from the road. Another round of stuff that I noticed while backpacking around europe.

    It’s never during the excitement of the experience that you tend to notice the oddities of the world. It’s during the quiet down time, when you’re stuck in an airport or sitting quietly on a park bench or waiting out a transfer at the train station that you notice something about what you’ve experienced was […]

  • Vienna, Austria. Two Days is not enough time.

    I confess that I wasn’t naturally attracted to Vienna at the beginning. I needed a place to stay, that was a quick train ride from the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, and Vienna fit the bill. it was big, had lots of stuff to do, was easy to get in/out of, and was a straight […]

  • Poland, Part 2. Learning history at Auschwitz, Birkenau, and the wieliczka salt mine.

    A Quick Overview If you spend more than a brisk afternoon in Krakow, or spend any amount of up-front time researching things to do when you get there, you will come across the obligatory Concentration Camp/Salt Mine Day Trip. It is absolutely guaranteed. I think I first stumbled across it in Prague when searching for […]

  • Poland, Part 1. Krakow! My new favorite place.

    Upon proofreading this blog post, I confess it comes off as a little utilitarian. Trust me when I say that its utility in no way reflects my new-found love for the city of Krakow. I travel a lot, and its easy to get jaded. You see things as another museum, or another beach , or […]

  • Prague! Europe’s Current “It” City.

    Everybody I know has either been to Prague or wants to go to Prague. So yes, I too made a stop to check out this trendy city on the banks Vltava River. I found the capital city of the Czech Republic to be both charming, and (sadly) ridiculously overrun with people. Many of the city’s […]