The Intro.


Glad to see you could find your way here. It took me awhile to find my own way to this spot. As the title of the blog implies, I tend to stray. As in – off the beaten path. Hopefully this blog will turn out to be a place to impart some of the things that I’ve learned along the way. Hopefully, it will also be a platform for chronicling my upcoming pursuits. Any, that’s all getting ahead of itself here.

I’d like to start this travel blog with probably the most relevant question possible. Why? Why does anybody need another travel blog? The internet is replete with travel blogs bosting international travel for $50 dollars a day, or $30 dollars a day. Site helping you through every possible country and situation possible. And, it’s all true – to a point.

I have found that, almost without exception, all the too-good-to-be-true-but-legitimate travel information is specifically intentioned toward people who are early to mid-twenties. People that are just out of high school or college and want to see what the world is all about. People that haven’t yet transitioned over into a 60 hour a week working world. People that haven’t yet managed to accumulate a whole bunch of stuff. If you fall into this category, than this travel blog is probably not going to be very helpful.

Personally, I love these sites. They have great starting ideas. Uninhibited people tend to have grand adventures, which makes me want to have grand adventures. And, I tend to go off on grand adventures. These days, I just do it with a little more comfort.

Traveling in your twenties and traveling in your forties are two different things. Or, they should be. Where twenty-something’s can travel Europe with a backpack for $50 Dollars a day, I tend to travel Europe with a backpack for $150 Dollars a day. (I make every attempt not to Hostel or couch surf anymore.)

This blog, and it’s possibly useless though well-intentioned expelling of information, is fashioned toward the person or people who are not out having crazy once-in-a-lifetime adventures. They are working people. They’re in their 40 or 50 at this point. They put in 60 hours a week at work. They have 2 to 4 weeks of vacation a year that needs to be sub-divided between numerous other events. They are possible home owners and have structured bills that need paying on a continual basis. And, they have amassed stuff. They rules for traveling are the same for these people as they are for their mid-twenties compatriots, it’s just how they go about it is different. I know, in this case it’s me that I speak of.

At the mid-point in your life, adventure requires more pre-planning. Not a lot, just more. This is where the internet seems to be quiet. So, I figured I’d put together a little something. Hopefully, there will be something in here that will help someone out. If not, hopefully people just enjoy the stories.

It’s the plan to make this a weekly event. I’ll do my best to make that happen.

Now, Go! Get out there! Aaron.




The Author. Bombing around Costa Rica. 2002-Ish.

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  1. I think this applies to me. But don’t be afraid to use the occasional couch or guest room.

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