US Road Trip 2017, Day 3. 

Today was pretty much a point A to point B type of day. I had a lot of miles to make to get to my next point of interest, so I spent the day behind the windshield. 

The drive across Louisiana on I-10 was excellent. I’ve never driven that stretch of road, nor across the bayou like that, so it was extra cool. The elevated section of roadway in the Henderson Swamp area was very picture perfect for what I had envisioned the bayou to be like. Open water section with trees hiding river inlets. Live Oaks with hanging moss staggered here and there. And, it was all very green. Definitely happy I went hat way!

Turning north into Mississippi, the interstate was all something I’d seen before. An endless undulating trench of asphalt base and conifer green wall, only broken by random sections of field or small towns. This lasted until I was into Alabama, so I put my head down and went. 

Both I-59 and I-20 in Alabama are under construction, so I spent most of my time looking out for speed limit changes and State Troopers. Nevertheless, I made it into my destination of Oxford, AL unharmed. 

Realizing sometime into my journey that I didn’t actually have to cross a time zone, I decided on a small detour. I pulled an off ramp in Tuscaloosa, and took a trip to the home of SEC football. The University of Alabama is a magnificent campus, all the damned road construction not withstanding. I was looking for the giant A, so I could get a picture, but I was unable to find it. Oh well, next time. 

The night will be spent at the Super 8 Motel. It is not the nicest or newest hotel in the Oxford area, but it will do for one night. 

The reason I pulled up in Oxford, was so I might get together with two old army buddies. One a d friend from the days of barracks living, and the other my First Sargent. It’s been some time since I crossed their paths, and catching up was over due. Dinner was a wonderful mix of conversation and stories. It was an excellent idea!! 

Peace Out, from Alabama. 

Henderson Swamp, Louisiana.

The elevated roadway going across the bayou. 

The Mississippi – Alabama line. I-20. 

Dinner with old friends! 

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