US Road Trip 2017, Day 5.

Today was another one of those Point A to Point B days. I wanted to get from Pigeon Forge up to Bethesda, MD at a reasonable time. The hotel had limited amounts of oversized vehicle parking, and the truck won’t fit in the hotel’s parking garage. Also, the D.C. Traffic can be BAD! 

The drive into the city area wasn’t bad at all. I love driving through the mountains, so the run up through Virginia was excellent. There was a haze for most of the day, but it didn’t ruin the views. 

The traffic didn’t turn horrible until about the Centerville area. From that point in to I-495 and then north up to Democracy Boulevard was much more stop than go. I mean ugh! 

The hotel, the Marriot Suites, which is awesome, ended up having a parking spot for the truck. Yeah! And I’m full chil for a couple hours before exploring.

This is also the first multi-day stop. I’m going to spend a couple days exploring the Washington DC area, and seeing what there is to see. I imagine I will also be making a list of things I want to see next time I’m here. I usually always assume I’m going back to a city. That way I don’t try and shove too much in to too small a time window. Enjoy what you’re seeing, and see the rest later. That’s my Motto! 

I’ve lined up a good looking tour guide for part of it, so it should be fun! Speaking of tour guides, I just got back from dinner, and then a wild frozen yogurt trip, with my good friend Beth and her two girls. It was a great time! Lesson learned: toppings and sauces are not the same thing and need to be negotiated separately! 

Driving in the Virginia mountains. Cruisin. 

The Potomac River. Really thought there’d be more water. 

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