US Road Trip 2017, Day 13.

It’s interesting to leave a place you know well and then come back to it. At first everything is the same. Everything looks just like you left it. But then, as you look a little harder, you notice that things have changed.  Such is the case with my home town. 

I used this little village as the primary setting for my third novel. There are places where the characters in the story walk you around town. The description of the village is accurate on the surface, or it used to be. The streets are all the same, but other things have changed. 

One of the old car dealers is gone, building and all. What used to be a restaurant is now a bar. Some stores close and other stores open. It makes you a bit nostalgic for older days as you notice the changes.

Some things have not changed. Market Street is still Market Street, and Main is still Main. The traffic seems to go in the same direction as it did before, and all the big stone churches are still right where I left them. 

Something else that hasn’t changed is the memory of people. Case in point, I haven’t been into Foxy Roxy’s Diner for breakfast in quite some time. I walk in and Marcy just says “Toast or no toast?” I say no toast, and breakfast comes out just the way I always order it. Small towns are good! 

After a trip out to mom and dad’s to say hi to them and catch up with my brother Jeff, it was off on a road trip.  I’ve been wanting to drive through the Adirondacks since I got back up here, and it’s a bright and sunny day. 

I made my way up to Saranac Lake, and stopped for fuel. I attached the GoPro to the dash mount and headed out. The drive through Raybrook and into Lake Placid was excellent. Lake Placid, as expected, was overflowing with both traffic and people. The trip along route 73 from Lake Placid to Keene Valley was spectacular. The ADK was a sea of green, broken only by boulder strune ribbons of cascading blue. Every trailhead and parking pull off was at maximum capacity. Hikers were everywhere!

I stopped at The Mountaineer, in Keene Valley, to pick up a new ADK sticker for my truck. The Mountaineer is a great outfitter store, with a very nice staff. I don’t know if they have an online presence, but if you’re in the area I say check them out!

Following drive time was the infamous Hot Dog Party. My good friend Shona’s Tenth Anual Hot Dog Party was an absolute success! There was a big crowd and the dog selection was good. The vodka cake didn’t survive, and we drank the place out of mojitos. An outstanding time! It’s rumored that next year it will be referred to as WeinerFest on Walnut. I can’t wait! 

Considering the taxi, driven by my good friend Rick, dropped me off at 3:00am, this is the end of this tale. 

Route 73, south of Lake Placid, New York.

The ever-lovely Mrs. Truax and myself at the Hot Dog Party photo station.

The village at night. All quiet. 

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