Off on the road again. 

Since the theme of this blog was supposed to be about travel. And, travel by adults. I decided, once again, to try and take my own advice. I always think this is a good idea, until it actually happens. Then, I think twice about it.

This time, I decided to embrace the expat lifestyle and go abroad for work. Its been something that I’ve been considering for some time. I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to go do something that I knew most other people wouldn’t consider doing. I guess I also wanted an adventure of a sort. 

So, I boxed it all up and headed for the Middle East. Now, I work as an Environmental Specialist, in a non-disclosed country in the Middle East. It is an absolute change from Texas, USA. 

I was thinking when I left to come here that this was the travel destination. What I learned when I go here was that I had it all wrong. Everyone uses this location as a place to travel from. 

I hadn’t considered it before, but the Middle East is in the middle of a whole new section of the globe. Semi-cheap flights to Thailand and Africa, or Europe and India are now possible. Exotic places are no longer on the opposite side of the globe. They are, quite literally, just over there. Even the illusive Madagascar is a possibility. 

Work has a lot of long hours, but I will continue to post on any exciting new travel as it comes along. The interesting information I stumble upon will also be put out there, just as it has been. This is just the start of a whole new adventure! 

Now go on. Get out there!

Me. On the plane headed east. Approximately 2 weeks ago. 

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