I just want to watch the luge.

Growing up a mere hour and one half from Lake Placid, it shouldn’t seem unusual to anyone that I am a great fan of the Olympics. I love the olympics! All of it. All the sports (okay, figure skating not so much). I love the stories, the different places on the globe, the designs of the different venues, all of it. And its not just the winter games. I love the summer games too.

That being said … it probably shouldn’t seem unusual to anyone that the Middle East is NOT a great place to view all things winter sports-like. Television coverage of the winter games is, for all intents and purposes, non-existent. I don’t mean it’s limited, I mean it just isn’t televised. Well, not through regular outlets anyway.

When I realized that I was not going to see any of the winter games, I was depressed. I can’t remember the last time I missed the games, winter or summer. I can remember the school I was in stopping class during the 1980 Olympics, so we could all watch the hockey live. Needless to say, it left a mark in my memory.

I decided there was some way I could watch at least part of the games. First, there was the internet. That turned out to be a bust. Next, a solid search of Arabic Television. That too was for not. Then, I decided to just suck it up and watch it on YouTube sometime during the summer, when it was not longer registry blocked. It would have to wait.

But then, on the way out of the apartment building on the way to work, what’s playing in the lobby? What is that? Its luge! Needless to say, I was late catching my ride. Then I realized that there were two places I could see the games. Both the lobby and the gym have AFN TV. AFN is carrying the games. So, I now sit in the lobby each night and watch the games. People come and go, the security guys look at my strangely, delivery people stop for 30 seconds and then go on about their business. Its cool, I don’t really notice. I watch whatever going on. Its excellent.

I kind of got ran out of the lobby this morning so they could clean the floors. It was my day off, so I took my coffee to the lobby with me. Deciding not to be put-out, I actually spent an hour and twenty minutes on a treadmill this afternoon so I could watch the Skeleton coverage. (The exercise probably didn’t hurt me either)

I guess this post can be summed up as; if there’s a will, there’s a way. So far, I’ve managed some luge, skeleton, biathlon, cross country skiing, slalom skiing, snowboarding, and hockey. Okay, some skating too. And, I’m gonna keep watching whenever its on. Until its not on anymore. Why? Because its the olympics! Winter sports in the desert. Good times!


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