Day Two in Dubai.

Day two and the word of the day is beer. Guinness to be specific. If there was a better beer being made, I’d certainly be drinking it. After, anything and everything is available in this town.

Today started out as a series of misadventures. First was find the money changer. Interestingly, the best place to find a money changer is at the Metro station. The exchange rate was a little better than the airport, so I was still getting took. But, considering all the Euros I was changing were left over from a trip several years ago, I didn’t feel so bad about it.

Took the metro south into the glitzy high-rise section of Dubai. Massive construction going on everywhere you look as the train zips by. Glad I’m not driving in it.

I get off at the exit for the Dubai Mall. A elevated walkway takes you directly from the Metro to the mall. I went looking for the Harley shop. Sadly, it closed a couple months ago. Apparently, someone forgot to tell google maps about that. Oh well, the Apple Store was there! I love Apples Stores. And this one has an outside terrace with a direct view of both the Dubai Fountain and the Burj Khalifa! Ya, its prominently placed. The North Face store and the Ferrari store were over-priced. Billabong and Quicksilver didn’t have anything I couldn’t live without, so I was off. Off, in search of beers!

A long Metro ride north and a couple block walk led me to the Irish Village. Its basically the outer rim of the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium. Its famous with both the ex-pat crowd and Time Out Dubai. The later of the two led me here. Its Irish enough for me. It has beer. The beer is black, and it is cold. I’m good. Probably gonna sit here a while.

Your’s truly. Dubai. Guinness. Right now.

Have a great time everybody!

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