Last day in Dubai.

Woke up this morning and wasn’t completely sure what to do with my day. The only concrete fact, I needed to be at the airport for a 1725 flight.

So, I thought for a while. What to do. What to do. The Coffee Museum was closed on Friday, so that seemed like the place to start.

I packed up the bag. Checked the room three times to make sure I had every thing, and then sat off for the lobby. Check out successful, I was out the door.

I walked over to the Al Rigga Cemetery to take a quick look around. I wasn’t able to enter, as the cemetery had a high wall surrounding it. I like cemeteries. You can tell a lot about a people by the way they care for their dead people. Oh well, maybe next time.

Caught the Metro to the exit for the Souq and Museum again. This time, I went out and around the Souq. It was a nice walk through the everyday shops in everyday Dubai. I had to take a couple tries at finding the Coffee Museum again. Oh well, the internal navigation works some of the time.

The museum was quite nice for a free museum. It had lots of things on display, and a couple of sections with people getting tourists to act out ancient coffee making techniques. It also had to Coffee bars. All in all, quite worth the walk.

I headed south from the museum, toward the next Metro stop. Once more, more streets full of everyday Dubai.

From the Metto station, I headed north toward the airport. Stopping short, I found myself back at the Irish Village. Intentionally. Its all lunch and booze. Good lunch. Excellent booze. More pints of the black stuff.

Sadly, as all things tend to do, the clock ran out. I was down the street to a taxi stand, and a crazy high-stress ride to the airport.

They say get to the airport 3 hours before an international flight. If you’re flying Fly Dubai out of Terminal 2, don’t bother. I’m way early. Oh well, live and learn. The only major miscalculation … no bar in the Terminal 2 departure area. Ugh!!

Oh well, life goes on!

Yes. They have Astin Martins at the Duty Free in Dubai. Strange place.

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