Bahrain for the weekend.

I managed to get out of bed this morning and do the Shower/Shave thing. Packed a quick get waist bag, and call a taxi. I’m out the door for the weekend.

It would seem that getting out of bed was the good part. Had trouble getting a cab. Called a couple times and then finally they answered. Cabbie actually semi-broke down on the way to the airport. Pulled over and played around under the hood for a while. All, to no avail. We can cruising into the airport with all the little dash lights lit up. Seems it needed service.

I printed my boarding passes off ahead of time. Always good to say standing in line. Sadly, the dude at the security checkpoint wouldn’t accept it. So, I had to go back in wait in line to get “new” boarding passes. Then they changed gates without telling anybody. Good times!

But, as is always the way, I made my flight. A quick one hour flight south to Bahrain. I came down for the Grand Prix, but I confess I haven’t felt less excited about visiting a new country in a long time. The Middle East beats you down after a while. Or, maybe it’s just me.

Nevertheless, I made it to Bahrain. Got a cab at the airport and found my way to the hotel. Of course, I got there before checkin. Early, no worries, I went to the bar. Bars are good! Breakfast was three Guinness and some peanuts. Breakfast of champions!

Now, I’m getting it together so I don’t waste race weekend. There’s new stuff to do here, probably should do it!

The view from the room. Bahrain. Right now.

Don’t be wishing. Get out there. Do stuff.


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