Bahrain day 2.

Today, was an interesting day. Not super cool and adventurous day, but low key and casual day. Not a bad day to be out adventuring around a new country.

It started at the hotel, with breakfast. My stopping point for this trip is The K Hotel, in Manama. Its a good hotel. The bar is quite good, but we’re considering breakfast at this point. Breakfast is a multifaceted affair, with something for everyone. Coffee and tastiness abound. All good.

Then, I stop at the desk to ask about taxi pricing to the Fort of Bahrain. What I got was a sales pitch for one of the in-house tours. Deciding that neither option was optimal, I decided to try the national museum. It was a small trip and less taxi time. It was also nice. Not over the top, but a good cross section of Bahrain history. It also gave me some good book ideas, which was bonus.

Walking out of the museum, I came up against one of the problems of tourist travel. I got there by taxi, but there were no taxis to take me on to my next stop. So, I started walking. I walked, and I walked, until I made it to the hotel again. It was only a couple miles and a nice day, so it was good.

Back at the hotel there was water and chill time. Then, out again. I was headed to a nearby Souk. Sadly, I realized that I couldn’t get there from here. So …. I went to the corner store and then to Burger King. I know it’s cheesy, but it’s easy food.

The afternoon was spent at the bar! Guinness and peanuts. Several Guinness and lots of peanuts. I watched P3 session and had a multi-topic conversation with a British expat named Chris. It was nice to have a solid political conversation where nobody got ass-hurt and there was still beers involved. Doesn’t happen very often.

Now, I’m sitting here trying to decide what the evening will bring, and writing this blog post. Probably should behave. Got a long day tomorrow.

You gotta get out there and see what there is to see!

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