Bahrain. Race Day.

Today was what could only be classified as a non-starter. Everybody has this day at some point. I seem to have a fairly good number of them. Maybe that’s cause I don’t plan so much. Who knows?

But, at least it started with breakfast. Followed by much coffee. Truthfully the much coffee was used to push the slight throbbing out of my temples. LOL, needless to say, that and some water, I was right as rain. Whatever that means?

I hoped in a cab and made my way back toward the airport. I was heading for the Arad Fortress. Easy enough to find. Just drive toward the fortress looking thing. The problem was that when we got there … it was closed. For repairs. That’s what the cop said when he turned us around. My cabbie made a few quizzical remarks about that cop not knowing of what he spoke, and we headed Bach the way we came.

The remainder of the morning was spent chilling at the hotel. Watched a couple movies and contemplated life in the Middle East for a bit.

About 1:30, I headed down to the lobby to catch the bus to the track. Truth be told, the reason I picked this hotel was because it was on the bus stop route for the track shuttle service. The bus, it did come, and I got on.

Bahrain GP is a night race. So, when I got to the track at 2:40pm you could say I was slightly early. I took a wander around, bought a program, drink a couple bottles of water, listened to some drummers, and basically lounged it out. The track’s food and green space section had a whole load of Arabian style cushion setups to lounge on. It was good. And, comfy! And, as such, the time passed.

The race itself was quite good. I had a ticket fiasco buying them online. It turns out that the ticket the track gave me was right on the start-finish line, across from the pits. GREAT SEAT!!!!!! Not complaining about getting screwed by online ticket sales anymore! Nope.

Ferrari Wins! That’s all I’ll say about that. It was the first night race I’ve been to. I’ll definitely do another. When the fireworks started, I headed for the bus stand. I caught the first bus north, back to the hotel. All in all, a good day. Now I’m drinking a little whiskey, and contemplating what to do tomorrow. A fortress maybe? If it open?


Get out there. Go do stuff!

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