Headed out of Bahrain.

And so, my Bahrain experience ends as it began. Waiting on a plane.

I always seem to schedule the outbound flight too early or too late. Sometimes I feel I need to be pushing on. Sometimes it’s just the way the airlines work. And sometimes I think I’m going to be ambitious. I have ideas that I’m going to get up and do stuff before I head out, which almost never transpires.

The later was probably the case here. Banging around for the weekend make me think I had to maximize my in-country time. I really don’t know why I think such things. I usually just end up killing time …. at the airport, or the train station. Its pretty standard. I have often thought that I should have started adding up all the time I’ve spent sitting in various stations, starting 25 years or so ago. It was be a big number! (I spent 6 hours in Heathrow, and 8 hours sitting in Chicago, to name just a couple.) (I spent half a day killing time at a train station in Aquas Cslientes, Peru. Still remember the super uncomfortable plastic chairs!)

Anyway, good business done here. Now, its time to head back to work and start saving up for the next one. Which is in about 2 weeks, actually. Its just so cheap to travel to other places from the Middle East. I’m not sure if that’s because everybody’s coming here or if everybody’s leaving here. Either way, it’s still a cheap travel hub.

So, I’m just sitting here. Killing time. Waiting on a plane.

Sanity through games on my phone. That, and the obligatory travel magazine.

Get out there! See stuff!

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