Off on an adventure … again.

It seems that every time I am flying out of the Kuwait airport I get seriously apprehensive. I don’t know why. This is my third trip out through the airport, you think I would be over it? Guess not.

I always envision crazy things happening. Problems with airlines or customs, some type of language barrier that leads to me missing my flight. I can say that, three times going, I haven’t had any of these issues. It has always been basically hassle free. Today, it was basically hassle free again.

That being said, I am obviously at the airport … early. Again. This time, headed off to the land of Asia. My flight path today is Kuwait to Muscat, oman to Bangkok, Thailand to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Sometime tomorrow morning I’ll be banging around the jungle gateway to Angkor Wat!

Honestly, I still can’t believe I’m actually doing it. It has always been on the list of places I wanted to see. Even so, I never really thought I’d ever get there. It was just a dream, like so many other dreams.

Dream or not, when the topic came up in conversation about 6 weeks ago, I was like; Hell Yes! That’s a great idea! So, vacation time was submitted, and I was officially headed for Asia.

A journey through the boules of Kayak and Skyscanner showed Oman Air to be the best price. I sacrificed travel time for price. It seemed the best approach. There were faster flights, but this one was price inside my emotional limit. One way for 144 KD. That’s about $ 475.00 US. Its one way, because I’m not coming back the way I came. I’m headed for Thailand, to do a little well-deserved beach time. But, for now, I’m just sitting here at the airport. Eating time.

Still over an hour till I board. Need to stop being so early!

Later …

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