Cambodia. Day 1.

So, I fell asleep, well kind of, on the way out of Oman. Woke up over Thailand. Muscat airport in Oman is really nice. I hope that bodes well for the rest of the country.

Thailand airport was more used. In good shape, not super-easy to navigate. I had to ask for directions to get through transfers at customs. But, I made it from one end to the other. My transfer window was 1hour 20 minutes. You may want to leave yourself more time than I did.

I also transitioned from a jumbo jet to a turbo prop in Bangkok. Its been a little while since I was on a plane that small. There were a bunch of Monks on the plane with me, so I wasn’t worried.

The Siem Reap airport in Cambodia is actually way nicer than I had envisioned it to be. You disembark outside, otherwise its pretty modern. Customs is a straightforward affair, and there is a visa counter right as you walk in, on the right side. I planned ahead and go an E.Visa. It was super easy! I recommend it, if you plan on coming this way. If you want to do it at the counter, that’s cool, just have a passport photo with you.

And while I’m at the point of fees, this is probably important. If you are American, or if you are one of those numerous countries that fake it, don’t bother changing your currency! Seriously! I did and now I wish I hadn’t. The whole Siem Reap area is set up to run on US Dollars! They know what they’re worth, and things are priced accordingly. Its so US Dollar, that when you give them their own money they have to stop and do math. Its actually kind of Funny / Sad.

I had a tuk tuk transfer at the airport to my hotel. I set it up in advance. This was good, because it turns out that my boutique hotel is off the beaten path a ways. I never would have found it. But, its just as advertised on The driver drove me right to it.

I arrived at about 9:45am or so, and spent more time with the check in guy talking about Angkor Wat tours than about check in. Unexpectedly, my room was ready. I don’t think they get full booking here. It seems way to quiet. Sad, because it is a nice place.

I slept for a while. I had to. I was all done when I got here. After waking, I headed downtown to go to the National Museum. Its a small collection in a grand space, otherwise it was enjoyable. I think the entry was $12.00. I know the bottle of water was $1.00! I had to have one from the gift shop. The heat here is staggering!! I literally mean staggering! I work in the desert, and the heat here is way worse. Its the humidity, I think. You walk a little ways and you can ring your clothes out. Its awful. By the time I was halfway through the museum after walking there, I really thought I was going to fall out. Water and shade. Some ac. I came around.

After the water, grabbed another tuk tuk so I could get down to the old-town without dying. He took me right to where the food lives. Old-town is the restaurant hub in town. A warren of shops set into a square area by the river, its the restaurant and trinket shop section of town. More water and food. That did the trick! Felt way better after eating.

The next tuk tuk driver was not very good. I ended back at the museum, as opposed to my hotel. Oh well, waking again. Made it back to the hotel. Downshifted into shorts. Wrote this. Thinking about a beer, though more water would be more responsible.

Maybe, I’ll skip the beer and go for a swim?

Tomorrow. Ruins!

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