Cambodia. Day 3.

Today can be summed up as walked a lot and sweated. Okay, there was a big blister on my little toe too, but that didn’t dampen the enjoyment.

I decided to see the temple complex over two days as opposed to one. This turned out to be a good decision. Some decisions are not money based, but knowing yourself based. This falls into one of those camps.

Yesterday, when I was on the last temple I was done. Done, both emotionally and physically. If I had of kept going, I wouldn’t have enjoyed or probably really noticed anything that would have come after.

All of today’s temples were worth visiting. They were thoroughly enjoyable, each one to themselves. I wouldn’t have gotten any enjoyment if I had have rushed through them. (They were also less restored with more slippery rocks, so they would have been less safe as well.)

The Grand Tour Circuit, as they named it, runs counterclockwise out of Siem Reap town, starting in the same place yesterday’s Small Tour Circuit ran.

Map included for reference.

The tour route went something like Banteay Kdei temple, Pre Rup temple, East Mebon temple, Ta Som temple, Neak Poam temple, and Preah Khan temple. All of them were in a lesser state of repair then those of yesterday. Many times, with the temple being shored up just enough to make it possible. They were, in my opinion, a better set of temples to spend time in. Their gives had to be sought out, not pointed to by the tourist police. I would equate it as so: if your idea of temples is Le Louvre, do day one. If your idea of temples is a bit more Indiana Jones, do day two. That’s just me. I’m a little more Indy, though I do love Le Louvre deeply.

On this day too, I’m glad I started early. We managed to finish a little ahead of schedule, so my driver said he’d happily to my to one more. I opted for one I had already done yesterday, Baphuon Temple. It confused him, but it allowed me to revisit The Terrace of the Leper King, The Terrace of the Elephants, and the Royal Palace area before going to the temple itself. It was a little extra-extra. And, it worked out well.

When I was done this time, I was all done. I acquired a sweat ring that will probably never wash out of my hat and a magnificent blister on my small toe. The blister didn’t really hurt until I popped it. Oh well….

My driver dropped me off down in the middle of town, in the old Market area. The driver total for day one $17.00, and for day two was $19.00. Each day figured at five to six hours. I tipped pretty heavy both days. To be honest, I couldn’t have figured out the travel logistics and wouldn’t have had nearly as good a time with my driver. Language differences aside, it was worth every cent paid and more. I would like to think it was good on his end as well.

I got some food and some beers at the Cambodian-Chinese place from day one. When done, I headed back to the hotel for a shower and more beers. And, to update social media. I know, it’s a curse we all happily live with. Right now, the wifi is running pretty sweet. Hopefully, it holds out till I’m done!

This video doesn’t exist

Like I’ve said a hundred times: Get out there! See stuff!

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