Bangkok Day 3 Extra.

This is probably gonna sound crazy to most diehard travelers but, I’ve spent the last 3 days in Bangkok wondering where the Thai Food is. Serious, the kcal food is well did in the city. There is an endless amount of street food to be had. I have been looking for not street food. It has been a challenge I thought I was going to lose. Last night, having dinner at Burger King, I wondered if I flew all the way here to eat fast food?

In an interesting bit of accident this afternoon, I managed to temporarily solve this problem. I exited the metro from the wrong exit and did not realize it until I was back down on the street. Knowing I was wrong I stopped and reoriented myself back toward the hotel. During my walk back underneath the metro, I stumbled across a sign next to the Subway that said Thai Kitchen. It wasn’t obvious to tell where it was, but there was nobody in the Subway so I kept walking.

After taking my ease back at the hotel, I decided food was in order. So I collected my kit and headed back out to find the mythical Thai Kitchen. The Thai Kitchen did truly exist. It turned out to be a nice little, albeit empty place the floor above the Subway. Entry via the tiny, and well hidden stairs in the corner.

As I ordered, I wondered why there were 5 people at the Subway downstairs and nobody here. Didn’t matter for long. The food was outstanding. Fresh, and spicy hot! With a beer to wash it down, it was filling and reasonably priced. With tip, it was 600B for two dishes and beer.

I walked home quite pleased with myself. Mission successful.

Nice little out of the way place.

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