Koh Phangan, Day 1.

The word of the day is diving! Yup, I had to use the alarm on the phone again.

I was up with the sun this morning. Okay, slightly behind it, but it was kinda close. Threw on my favorite shorts and walked from the hotel to the Scuba Diving meet-up location. It doubles as their gear storage and hostel. Its a casual place.

I signed up with PIDS when I got in yesterday, for a two tank boat dive out to Sail Rock. Its a local diving hotspot. Phangan International Diving School is a well run, 5* PADI Rated, service. I would say that they lived up to that mark.

Its been a couple years since I was diving, so I tacked on a quick refresher course before the first dive of the day. Our Dive Master doubled as my Instructor, and we had a quick, all business, refresher course.

The first dive of the day was a bit dull in color, due to the black cloud cover and the pounding rain we received on the way over to the Pier and on out to the dive site. There was also some good current. That was fine, as the Diving was very good. Nice coral life, and fine fish, and a little bitty shark looking thing.

The swell picked up between dives one and two, and made me happy that I took the sea sickness medication.

Dive two was more colorful, as the cloud cover eased. I took the GoPro with me for the second trip. This will get posted at a later date, as I didn’t bring my laptop with me.

The ride back was long and filled with swells. Everybody took a pounding. The rain came back heavy for a while too. I was semi-soaked by the time I got back to the hotel.

There was a necessary shower, and bit of downtime. After, I walked downtown to find food. Food was found at the local food court. It was every cheap and quite good! A daily stop at 7-Eleven for stuff, and then a walk through the street market. I bought a bracelet, and a beer at a corner open air bar.

Coming back to the hotel, there are more people here now. Migrants in for the infamous Full Moon Party tomorrow. Don’t know if I’m going or not. I lined up the trip so I would be here when it happened, but I don’t know if I’m traveling across the island for that or not. We’ll just wait and see what tomorrow brings. So, I’m gonna sit here and drink a beer.

Get out there. Enjoy the sunset.

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