Koh Phangan, day 2, I think.

I decided to take a chill day today. This whole thing has been pretty on the move since it started. So, a leisure day won’t hurt anything.

I Laid in bed to my hip hurt. That signaled it was time to get up. Its pretty quiet at the hotel. The young party group when coming in early this morning. Good for them!

My first conscience decision of the day was do I go to the Full Moon Party tonight or go diving again tomorrow? After serious thought, I came down on the side of more diving. I have spent my time in the party scene, and thought his one is supposed to be infamous, I’m pretty sure I’ll be just as well off passing it up. Probably. Besides, I like some decent sleep before the action sports.

Second decision of the day. What do I do about getting off this island and to the airport on time. When I set up the hotel, I just ran it out to my leave date. I figured that I would figure it all out once I got here. There is an early ferry on my last day, but it lands on the opposite side of the island of Samui. It just seems like a risk leaving that kind of connection window to chance. Getting to the ferry on time and off Koh Phangan, then figuring out how to get around Koh Samui in a timely fashion, to get to the airport with enough time to catch my plane.

I opted for going over to Samui the night before. Found a nice hotel with booking.com. Then, walked down to the ferry office and looked into a ticket. They have a ferry heading to the airport side in the afternoon, and can even get a hotel transfer from the ferry dock. Transportation sorted.

Made a bar stop and a food stop on the lazy walk back to the hotel. Charging the GoPro and thinking about beers now. Probably throw the phone on the charger nice and go to the hotel bar for a couple. Maybe that will take the edge off not going to the Full Moon Party. Maybe.

Get out there. Drink beers.

2 responses to “Koh Phangan, day 2, I think.”

  1. Jeffrey Savitskie Avatar
    Jeffrey Savitskie

    My two cents: you have one chance to go to an epic full moon party on an island in Thailand.
    You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
    You own it, you better never let it go
    You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
    This opportunity comes once in a lifetime

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  2. Yeah, about that. I skipped it. Hahahahaha. But, I like where your head’s at!


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