Koh Phangan. Killin it, Day 3.

Got a message from the dive shop last night. Seas are planned to be to rough to go out in the morning, so the diving is cancelled. These things happen when traveling. The seas of the world can be unpredictable.

That put the Full Moon Party back on the table. Well, right up until it started raining. I do a lot of crazy shit, standing in the rain drinking ain’t on that list. Do like getting rained on. Ain’t doing it. Kept drinking at the beach hotel bar on the sand.

Today is pretty predictably quite in Thong Sala. The party in Haat Rin run till around noonish. The party crowd that has returned are sleeping or packing, it would seem.

Showered, shaved, checked the email for the first time this trip (only 65 unread messages), checked FB, and Insta, then wandered into town like Bowie’s sacred cow.

It should be noted, there are only so many ways to get around Thong Sala. You can rent a scooter (250B per day. They are literally everywhere!), take a truck taxi if you have luggage to move, get a scooter taxi ride if you can find one (they’re mostly at the Pier), or you can just walk. Walking is my preferred method. He town isn’t that big, and you can walk across it in about 25 minutes. But, I digress…

I stopped in at the dive shop and inquired about the brand of sea sickness tablets they use. They gave me enough information to go find them at the next door 7-Eleven. I get drug tested way too much to not know what they are. Job security first!

After the dive shop, I wandered though town and back to the Pier, where I took up residence at a corner open-air bar right before the rain set in. Needed breakfast anyway.

Small groups of survivors from last nights mega party wander by, all looking like zombies from a B movie. They have far away stares and possess smatterings of day-glow paint that the rain still hasn’t washed off. They’re young and diehard. I appreciate that about them. They come in twos and threes, or by the taxi truck load, all headed for the Pier and a ferry off this island. Its cool for the locals. It would seem that each ferry coming to pick them up is full of another group willing to take their place. Beach drinking on a tropical island has a constant appeal. The incoming ferries are proof of that.

Its a steady downpour now. I order another beer. My plan for the day: sit here and drink till the rain stops. I don’t like the rain, but its a necessity during monsoon season. I guess. I’ll just day drink, and watch the party zombies walk around in the rain.

Decided not to wait it out and walked home in the rain. The constant sweat and heat and water has turned my toe sore a ripe red color. By the time I had walked the beach back to the hotel, I decided to go find some anti-Bacteria cream or something for it. It took a walk halfway back into town and two 7-Eleven stops before I found a bottle of Providine-Iodine. Not leaving home without the first aid kit again!

Since I was back in town, more food was in order. The local food court was just next door, so I stopped for food. Sweating bad today. Must be the post-rain humidity. Chicken and rice is the name of the day. It looks bland, but is tasty enough.

Since I left my rain coat at the hotel, the entire walk back turned into a soaking rain. Now I’m wet and stinky … again! You just gotta love monsoon season. Oh well, a little down time and then maybe a beer or two on the beach.

Sitting at the beachside hotel bar. The wind is whipping up something fierce right now. Not sure if it blowing one in or blowing one out. Its been raining most of the day.

Later, if the monsoon doesn’t blow me away.

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