Island Hoping, Again.

Realized that the ferry off of here and my plane flight out of here were not going to mesh, so a decision was made to get back on the same island as the airport. to the rescue with hotel options. Found something decent for the last night in Thailand. Also set up a transfer to the hotel with the ferry ticket. Very cool.

The not so good news is that the ferry doesn’t leave until 1630. So, I’m killing a day before the ferry. I thought about rescheduling the diving for today, but if the ride back in was slow, like it was the other day, I’d have a problem with the ferry connection. I’m actively trying to avoid that.

Got up late. Walked out to the beach and chilled for a little while. Went back yo the room, showered, packed, charged the phone. Went up and checked out. The Thai guy running the place doesn’t really speak English, but I’m pretty sure I got the point across.

Rucked up, the walk from the hotel to the Pier area is a quick twenty minutes. Not sure how adding a couple t shirts and a scarf made the pack so much heavier, but it seems that way.

The Pier is active this morning. Seemingly, more people coming than going. I’m sure it’s probably fairly equal. The Hub, a corner beer, pool, food, hangout joint is stop number one. I like a large portion of the current crowd, plan to hangout. Breakfast and beers for a while, anyway.

General note: in a land built for backpacker, big roller suitcases are basically everywhere. I can’t see how it’s practical, but it seems to work.

A load a casual day drinking, followed by a hangout at the ferry terminal, a kidney jarring ride across to Samui, and I am finally on the same island as the airport.

Got the ferry transfer to my hotel. It was a twenty mi its twisting turning affair that oddly reminded me to Ireland. Well, if you had your eyes closed. This place looks nothing like Ireland!

The hotel is …. damned nice! I mean I have a room with my own pool, nice. The bed is super comfy too! Why didn’t I start here? The Samui Resotel Beach Resort is, in a word, FABULOUS.

Watched the end of Ghost Protocol and wandered over to the restaurant. I need food. And, a beer wouldn’t hurt.

Now, go. Find your own beach.

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