Headed back to reality.

I was up before the alarm this morning. Good bed. Good sleep. Great room.

The morning has consisted of a shower, a very nice breakfast, and a taxi ride to the airport. Taxi driver didn’t have change for a 1000B, so he went hustling off to find some. The migration from sidewalk through tickets/customs and on to the gate area took all of about 15 minutes. Koh Samui airport isn’t very big, and all the people along the way are quite friendly.

As I always overthink the airport connection, I am here way early. I’m gonna learn how to arrive on-time, at some point. Now I’m just sitting here, drinking a complementary coffee. Bangkok Airways, for the win!

The flight from Koh Samui to Bangkok was trouble free and comfy. As expected, transitioning inside Bangkok airport was easier than last time. I’m learning to navigate this place. I haven’t decided if that’s good or bad. They say that if you travel the world for any good amount of time, you will end up at Bangkok airport. Check that box.

Turned the leftover Bahd back into dollars. Yup, took the hit in both directions. Its wasn’t much, so it’ll be okay. I kept some miscellaneous Bahd, as I did Cambodian Reil, for the collection. About enough to get a couple beers somewhere. You just never know when you’re going to need airport currency.

So, I’m at gate number 2, waiting on plane number 2.

Well, changing in Sri Lanka was chaos. My plane landed when my other plane started boarding. Fortunately, it was only one gate. Got there and they had thrown a breaker or something. No power to the x-ray machines, so no one could go through into the waiting area. Got it up and running after a minute, and there was a gigantic line trying to blister their way through. Apparently, the desk scanners went down too, because nobody went anywhere for a little it.

In the end, plane ain’t leaving without the pilots, and they were behind me. I will make the plane. Good. Good. Don’t want to be spending any more time than necessary here.

Well … I made it on the plane. What a crazy show that was. They made everybody wait while they pushed some old lady down in s wheel chair. That was nice. After, they just opened one door and everybody ran at it with their seat stub in their hand. Men, women, whatever, whoever made it through the door first won. Crazy!! Get me out of this country.

Planes fly, and so did mine. It went something like Entourage (Movie), Pacific Rim, and half of Thor Ragnarok. Kuwait airport was packed but moving fast, and I walked out the door to waiting taxis. After two weeks or so in Asia, the traffic in Kuwait City is positively provincial!

Good night!

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