Good Morning World.

Well, I made it back to my apartment by 11:00 pm. I talked to the roommate, and watched the end of the Roma v Liverpool match to wind down before I crashed.

A quick 5 hours later and my alarm was going off. Ah, yes. That work thing needs doing again.

I think this is one of the great unspoken elements of travel. It seems many people tend to plan extra out time before going. No one likes to be rushed getting out of town. You want to check your bags one last time and make sure you didn’t forget anything important (passport, etc.)

Not too many people ever seem to add this consideration to the back end of a journey. To leave a little time at the end to decompress and get it together before wading back to reality. I used to do it a lot. I’ve been forgetting it lately.

So, now i’m up with bloodshot eyes. Catching my ride to work, so I can spend the morning wading through a sea of unread emails. Good times.

Hopefully, coffee will fix this?

Get out there! Go see stuff!

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