Sandstorms. Again.

It’s amazing how your view of a place can change over time. Things you think are crazy become commonplace with the passage of days and months. Stay in one place long enough, those same things become the platform for jollifications and witticisms.

I remember when I moved to the Great State of Texas. I thought to myself ‘why would any live in a place with tornados?’ What kind of idiot would live where the wind blows SOO HARD that it blows your house away? It seemed a reasonable question to ask of the situation. Yet, a year or so under the big Texas sky and I don’t really care too much about those tornados anymore. If they come, they come. If there are problems, then there will be problems. Otherwise, it’s beer drinking time.

This same slow building lack of concern could also be applied to living in the desert. There aren’t any tornados here in Kuwait (or no one that I’ve noticed anyway), but there are two other small inconveniences. One would be the summertime heat. The other one would be the sandstorms. As far as the heat goes, okay it’s hot out. Find some A/C and drink a bathtub full of water every day. It’s the sandstorms that cause me angst.

Currently, it’s been blowing a gale for about 3 of the last 5 days. When I say gale, I mean that you can’t see more than about a 100 yards. Sometimes, you can’t see across the street. It is literally awful! The fine grit sand blows through all the door seals and window seals into your apartment or work area. I clean the blown-in sand from the tables at the apartment every evening when I get home. Your computer, books on your desk, everything in the drawers of your desk in your work area, all of them have been covered with anon-removeable layer of grit for days.

Unlike the tornados referenced above, the sandstorms do not fade into the background. They literally drive you inside to wait them out. They also make it rather hard to breath. I’m certain that is why people that have been working here for a long time take more sick days than newcomers. The dust and grit is hard on your sinuses. The whole situation is jollification-free.

I will say that when it is nice in the desert, it is very nice. The desert has a certain kind of charm to it that people come to respect. However, it also has an aggravating side that seems to descend upon everyone with equal fury. When it is upon you, you accept it and drive on. It’s really all that can be done about the situation.

It seems that the heat in the summer produces more sandstorms than the other seasons produce. That is anon-scientific observation from my time here. There don’t seem to be as many sandstorms in the winter months. I don’t know that I would let this affect a decision to visit the region of Kuwait. I would certainly factor the time of year into the decision. Unlike rain or snow, sandstorms can’t just be dealt with when they start. Most often, you are just going to wait them out … and complain a little bit about it while you’re doing it.

Well, that’s my thoughts on sandstorms. That being said; get out there! Go experience stuff!


Here, when it’s crappy outside, we go eat. Or, at least we did last week when the sandstorms kicked up bad. The place is super-local, and has a great curry. Just sayin….


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