Quietly Waiting It Out.

My last day in Jordan has been pretty much a waiting game. The best flight I could get back to Kuwait was at 5pm, so the day was really kind of a bust. The real point of this adventure was seeing Petra. That being done, going back to Amman to catch the plane out of town was strictly logistical. Now, I understand that I could have made a transfer straight to the airport from Petra, but you learn things by doing.

First thought. Jordan is not a cheap travel destination. Their currency has a strong value, compared to the US Dollar, and that affects what things really cost. Also, I went higher end than I normally due. Like I said earlier, it’s not necessarily the safest of places. You have to pay a little bit extra for a certain level of surety.

Also, be prepared to pay extra for everything. The country has steep taxes on everything. And, there are all sorts of hidden fees designed to separate you from your money. Make sure to ask what is included in the price whenever you are getting something. This is especially true at the tourist sites. And, look out for the totes trying to sell you something extra you don’t need at every tourist site.

And — the taxis! I was never charged the same amount for two trips during this whole journey. There is always some reason the meter either doesn’t work or is inaccurate. They just pull a number they like out of their heads. Its a little aggravating.

Okay, rant over. My morning was passed happily at the hotel. A little tv, breakfast by the pool, and some more tv. I made proper use of the nice bathrooms before I checked out. (Hey, its a third world country.) The remainder of my time at he hotel has been spent lounging in the piano bar.

One final thought/opinion. On the whole, Jordanian women are quite beautiful. I haven’t been able to comfortably make that statement with regards to other middle eastern countries I have been to. I’m not sure what the difference is. I suspect it is due to more of a Mediterranean influence.

Now, if I can find that airport shuttle, I’m headed off on a jet plane.

You too can to this. Just get out there. Go see stuff!

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